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Read! Read! Read!

This page has links to lots of different reading books because we know you might be running out of things to read. Please choose carefully because some of the books are written for older children.

Inspire Reading Challenge

Follow the link below. There are further links on the page to authors reading some of their own stories.


Why not join the Summer Reading Challenge?

Follow the link below to find out more. 


Online Stories

The sheets below give lots of links to online stories. Don't worry about the QR codes, you can just click the website links for each story you don't need to scan anything. Remember you don't have to choose a book just because you are a certain age, choose a story you would enjoy. 


Bedtime stories

This week is Tom Hardy week (starting Monday 27th April). Apparently he was the most popular guest and has been requested over 1,000,000 times. 


Elevenses With David Walliams

At 11am every day David Williams reads one of this stories. 


Phonics Comics


Oxford Owl

You have to register to read the books but they are free to read once you have set this up.


Online library

This has texts suitable for a wide range of ages. Please show younger children that the books more suitable for them are right at the bottom of each list. 

Online library- choose carefully

Audible - free to use while schools are closed

This is only available free during the Coronavirus outbreak so use it while you can!


Listen to some stories


Oliver Jeffers is reading his books