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Wadsworth Fields has a Pupil Admission Number (PAN) of 50 per year group; this means we can admit children in any year group, until the maximum number of 50 children. 



The aims for the Early Years Foundation stage are encapsulated in the school’s mission statement. We recognise that children join us with a range of different experiences, skills, interests, strengths and weaknesses. We aim for each child to achieve their full potential and continually strive to take their learning forward through a well planned and resourced curriculum, delivered in a secure and caring environment.

We consider it vitally important that each child should feel valued and successful and are committed to providing the highest standards of education and care. High priority is given to establishing an effective partnership with parents.

Admission and Induction Procedures


Our Foundation Stage 1 admission procedures aim to secure a smooth and happy transition from home to school, to establish good relationships with parents and begin the partnership between school and home.

Offer of Places


Places are offered in accordance with the criteria determined by the governing body. Parents are sent a written offer of a place as soon as possible after the child’s 3rd birthday. We have a waiting list and children are offered a place according to age. Sometimes priority may be given to children or families with particular needs which have been identified.

Parents/carers are normally notified of offers of places before the half term holiday in the term prior to that in which the child will start in Foundation 1 (i.e. approximately 2/3 months before the admission date).

Parents are asked to return an acceptance slip by a specified date. The letter also invites parents to a meeting in the Foundation Stage Unit.

Meeting for Parents and Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) Brochure


The meeting for parents takes the format of a talk by the Foundation Stage 1 teachers, assisted by the teaching assistant. There is an explanation of the aims and organisation of the nursery, the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum, behaviour policy and admission procedures.

Parents are given a copy of the brochure and a welcoming letter for their child. Home visits are arranged. Any parents who do not attend the meeting are contacted to make arrangements for the home visit and for them to receive the brochure and child’s letter.

The brochure covers much of the information discussed at the meeting and aims to be welcoming and informative. It is reviewed each year. (please find a copy of this below)

Home Visits- Currently under review


Home visits are usually held prior to admission (although this is being reviewed as part of our response to the Covid-19 virus outbreak). We believe they are very important in helping to settle a child happily into school and in building good relationships with parents.

We think this is because:

  • Children see a member of the school staff on their home ground where they feel safe and secure. When they visit school they will see a familiar adult face.
  • Parents and staff have the chance to talk about the child without the inevitable interruptions which can occur in the nursery. They can ask questions and discuss any concerns.
  • Parents, children and staff get to know each other much more quickly.
  • Children see a link between home and school.
  • Staff obtain a fuller picture of the child.

Wherever possible two Foundation 1 staff attend the home visits so that we can play with the child and talk to parents. We record information given by the parents on the home visit sheet which forms the first part of their assessment which is continued throughout F1 and F2. This involves parents from the start and emphasises their role as their child’s first educator. We arrange the starting date and dates when the child will visit school accompanied by a parent/carer.

We still value contact with parents and would like to establish a strong link between home and school and so we are currently exploring alternative ways to set up these links. This might have to take the form of a telephone call or a meeting within the school setting. 

Visit to Foundation 1


Our policy is that children should usually have two or three visits accompanied by parents or carers. 

These visits are very important in helping children to settle because: 

  • They are gradually introduced to an unfamiliar environment with the security of the presence of a known adult.
  • By the time the starting date arrives the child is becoming familiar with the layout of the learning environment.
  • They are also beginning to have some idea of routines e.g. carpet time, child initiated and directed activities, indoor and outdoor play, and possibly hall sessions.
  • We aim to make parents/carers feel welcome and well informed.
  • They can see what goes on and can ask questions.
  • Staff have further opportunities to get to know the children and parents before the starting date.

The Starting Date


Entry to nursery is staggered over the first two or three weeks of term so that staff can spend time settling the new children.

More information on Admissions can be found on the Nottinghamshire County Council website by following this link: